Services Provided for Piano Moving

Services Provided for Piano Moving

Moving a piano is a really difficult project that requires a highly experienced team. Only seasoned experts are able to handle this kind of work. The best thing to do, therefore, is choose an experienced company that will not cost you way too much.

This project is probably the most demanding one, especially when it comes to moving from one place to the next. This will not just require any moving company in the market. This is a project in desperate need of professionals, who have completed this project more than a few times before and have mastered the way they handle such fragile shipments.

The Process of Piano Moving

A piano is one of the biggest, heaviest and at the same time most fragile musical instruments. In order to be placed inside a house or a school, it requires a certain field of expertise. It is often impossible to carry through a normal door, without jeopardizing its quality.

This is why all the alternatives must be taken into consideration. Once the crew manages to find the most sufficient way to move the piano, there are several things that need to be done prior to the actual moving.


This is of utmost importance. The piano must be properly packed before even try to move it. For that reason, the crew will make sure your piano has been packed firmly and steady. In this way, the packing will prevent any damage, no matter how small.

It is not rare a phenomenon for people to say ‘’oh that piece of furniture has been scratched during the moving process’’ while moving. Well, that is unacceptable! The crew that will handle your moving should be very careful so as to manage to pack your piano carefully so as to avoid the slightest scratch.

Getting the Piano to a Music School

In case you have more than one musical instrument to move, we can do it for you. If your music school is moving to another building or even another area, the experienced crew will make sure all of the musical instruments reach their new home safely. If the music school has more than a few pianos, the team will safely move them all.

No need to get anxious over piano moving. Just leave a quote, and we will get back to you with all the information needed. Write down the moving out and moving in place as well as all the big items that need to be packed and moved. You will receive shortly a quote back with the most advantageous offer.