Packing, Crating & Shuttle Service

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Packing Services

Packing Options: When moving with Texas Movers Group while we strive to make your move efficient, professional and stress free. Your initial contact with Texas Movers Group will be with a moving consultant to discuss your move in detail and have would be to confirm your reservation with your sales consultant.

The day before your move our dispatch department will contact you to provide you with a pick up window for your move which is typically a 3 to 4 hour window and is provided to you as a courtesy to give you a ball park idea of when your move will commence. The day of your move there will be an on-site foreman who will go over your contract and take a detailed inventory of all the items loaded. Once the moving crew begins working large pieces of furniture that may require disassembly will be disassembled to ensure safe moving.

If full packing is required a crew of highly trained packers will be sent to your home to pack and prepare your home for your move for the scheduled date. Depending on the size and requirements of your move, packing please contact your sales consultant. Next, furniture pieces that may get scratched during transport are completely wrapped collect payment for your move before your shipment can be unloaded. Once payment is made all items are carefully unloaded, disassembled is reassembled. Partial-Packing: handling for the professional packers/movers. Our professional packers/movers will pack these special needs items on the day we load your belongings. Charges will be applied to the total cost of the move based on the packing materials used.

Full-Packing: Full packing is available to those customers prefer to leave all the packing for the professionals. Our professional movers/packers will pack everything to ensure safe transport. This service will be preformed either on the day of loading or a prior date depending on the size of your move. Charges will be applied to the total cost of the move

Additional Services Available

no-trucksShuttle Services: Certain neighborhoods and municipalities have access restrictions for tractor trailers. If you are moving to or from an area imposing these restrictions, we offer shuttle services with smaller vehicles to transfer your goods between the tractor trailer and your home. It is a good idea to check with your local homeowners association, apartment manager or police department to see if these restrictions apply prior to your move. Your sales consultant can provide you with an estimate for the charges you will incur and avoid unforeseen expenses on your move day.

Crating: Some items such as antiques, paintings, large screen or plasma TV’s or other specialty items require special crating. Crating is done to prevent damage to those fragile items during your local or long-distance move. Our professional packers and movers will provide onsite crating for such items. Please make your sales consultant is aware of this need for pricing information.

Bulky Items: to insure they are protected during your move. Our professional movers are experienced at handling these special items with the utmost care. Please make your sales consultant aware of such items, to ensure the movers have the proper equipment to secure these items for safe transport. Your sales consultant can provide you with an estimated cost for the handling bulky items.